Monday, 7 September 2015

Weekend Happiness #2

Sticking with it!!

Things that made me happy this weekend by UK Lifestyle Blog

This weekend was a really quiet one. It was always meant to be really.
The kids went back to school last week so it was decided that we would have a relaxed weekend in order to avoid them becoming over tired.
I'm so glad we did. Both were tired enough without us adding anything else into the mix.

So to the things that made me happy..........

Autumn Boots....I know, I know I'm a walking contradiction! Last week I was so happy with my new purchase of summer shoes and this week I am so glad to have gotten my boots back out of the cupboard.
Truth be told I have been totally freezing this week. In fact my heating has made an appearance a couple of times. So when we did venture out this weekend I was thrilled to dig out my comfy boots!

Sunday Breakfast. This week the kids and I got snug and cosy and had a lazy sunday morning watching kids TV eating hot buttered toasted tea cakes and drinking lots of tea (well me...)
I am so ready for Autumn now and can't wait to do this most weeks!

Horse Riding Saturdays. I've mentioned this before but every Saturday the little Miss goes riding. She hasn't been going long but this week they put her on a really big pony. I was fairly certain this would be make or break. I was convinced she would freak out at how high up she was and refuse to do the lesson....I'm happy to say I was wrong! Turned out to be one of her best lessons yet.

Show jumping. Even though we decided to have a quiet weekend I took Little Miss to watch the show jumping at the show ground. We are so lucky to live in the country side and be able to watch these events.
It certainly cemented the little miss' love of horses and made her want her own......OH DEAR!


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