Monday, 22 June 2015

Turning Six

Starting a new phase - The Claire Diaries

 Today my little girl turned 6! To say I'm emotional doesn't quite describe it.
Upon realising that her big brother was 6 when the little madam was born I suddenly became incredibly sentimental and a little apprehensive.
I've obviously never gotten to this stage before. There has always been a baby/toddler in tow and now there isn't. I'm faced with the prospect of a moody soon to be teenager and a 6 going on 16 year old daughter.

turning six and growing up by UK Blogger The Claire Diaries

For quite literally the first time in my adult life there are no prams, changing bags, or full scale military operations needed just to pop to the shops.

I think I'm actually looking forward to this next phase and watching my kids become more and more independent.

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