Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Beat The January Gym Rush

It's January and a New Year! I can tell.....You know how I can tell??? There's suddenly NO space in the car park at my gym, nor is there a locker or treadmill free!

Now I'm all for people bettering themselves and changing their lives etc....I mean that is what we are all there for, but I'm sure regular gym goers will agree with me its incredibly frustrating when there isn't a machine free!

So here are my ways to deal with the post Christmas rush:

* Change your schedule!

Yes I know its annoying but lets face it it is only for a few weeks! I've started going at 3:30pm to avoid the after work tea time rush! Now I know i'm lucky as I've finished work by this time, but if you're not as lucky try going early in the morning - there won't be that many people that are dedicated enough to go at that time!
Alternatively go later in the evening. Usually after 7:30pm is a good time as all the after work stragglers have gone home!

* Change Your Routine

A change is as good as a rest or so they tell us? Why not use January as the perfect time to get yourself out of an exercise rut and try use some of the other machines that you wouldn't necessarily use?
As a regular gym user you've got the benefit of your years of knowledge! 
Using a treadmill, cross trainer or bike is the easy option for the newbies. Why not use what you've learnt to do a cardio HIIT workout in a matted corner rather than waiting to get on your usual machine?

* Get Outside

If cardio is your thing, why not get outside? Yes it's colder than being inside, but grab some warm weather gear and hit the streets. You can still get in a good cardio workout at your own pace and avoid the masses.

* Offer to Help

Controversial I know but offer to help any new starters looking a little bit lost! Remember back to when you first set foot in your gym and remember how intimidating it was trying to find your way around all the equipment when the world and its wife already looks like the know what they are doing?
You'll feel good for helping and all being well by showing new starters how to use things properly it'll speed things up and you'll get on the equipment quicker! Win Win!

* Be Patient 

Probably the crappiest piece of advice anyone could ever give but it might actually work! After all this is January just 4 (long) weeks. By the end of the month resolutions will have ended and normal service will be resumed!

Do you have any January gym tips?

P.S Dry January still going strong! Not one drop of alcohol has touched my lips!


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