Tuesday, 5 May 2015

You Know You Are A Grown Up When

You know you are grown up when | UK lifestyle blog The Claire Diaries

Being a grown up is pretty crap, but honestly you've got this down!

*1. You can find stamps in your actual purse!

Yes not a huge achievement but it sure beats having to queue to send an actual letter. 

*2. You own a slow cooker 

Not only do you own a slow cooker but you know how to use it! Coming home to slow cooked beef is there anything better?

*3.You know your real bra size!

You've actually been to a shop and been fitted! High five to you!

*4. You have survived more than one break up!

Well done you....yes it was shit but yes you've moved on and managed to make it on your own

*5. You've stopped moaning.

Finally you've give up the moaning and realised than positive actions get you a lot further.

*6. Wine is a fridge staple

Not cheap crappy wine but actual good wine! A glass a night is good for your health right?

*7. You can afford Sky TV!

*8. You have hand cream in your purse

Yep that's a proper grown up thing to do your mum and Nana do it too right?

9. You have a gym membership....
...and you use it! You are officially grown up when you realise that watching £40+ go out of your account each month and not doing anything with it is damn stupid!

*10. You can build IKEA furniture!

*11. You can say No, walk away and not feel guilty

*12. You read books.

Not for uni or school but because you want to...and they're not all filled with sex either!

*13. You have a hairdresser.

You've finally found the perfect hairdresser who can cut your hair perfectly! No more bouncing from one to another and dodgy style after dodgy style!

*14. You take a coat on a night out!

Yes practically unheard of a few years ago but you've been stood waiting for taxis in the cold for long enough that you now want to avoid hypothermia!

*15. You realise there are more places to shop than in Primark!

*16. You can spend time alone without feeling stupid!

*18. You have life insurance

Its morbid but hey shit happens.......

*19. You have a credit card and you manage to pay it off most months?

*20. You've done a few things on your bucket list!

Wasted in Thailand.......Bought your own house.........?

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